Olympic Appendix

Quite an appt title really considering! This year is certainly turning into a challenging one! Just as I've  recovered from the c section, my appendix (literally) blew up on me on Sunday night (double ouch, very horrible nasty ouch!). I'm now pleased to announce that the offending organ has been removed and I'm yet again, on the road to recovery (it's a shame I'm not really a sports fan, TV schedule is looking a bit bland to my eyes!)! Unfortunately this means they be a bit more of a delay in me fully being back on stage (please note the gig cancellations in August) and it also means we're having to postpone the River Man video to late September early October.  There is a notion that "things happen for a reason" (it had better be a good one!). Hopefully filming in October will add to the 'air of mystery' we're hoping for.
In other, better news, I now have the final artwork and the final edit of the mastered version of the album so we can move forward in an audio sense. It's sounding fab and I can't wait for you all to hear it very soon.
Anna x
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