River Man Video Scouting

River Man location #1
Last week we started filming the video for Fily's Prayer and River Man. We spent what was possibly the hottest day of the year in a wheat field moving hay bales out of shot (not authentic enough these days!) and sheltering under a gazebo from the burning sun! Roman dress is, despite what you think, not very cool......On the plus side the light was a beautiful golden glow which was perfect for our 'reminisant' shots and we got some amazing footage. Even the children behaved themselves. Well worth the sun burn.
Scouting River Man location #2
This Sunday the director and I headed down to Botany Bay in Kent to scout out location number 2, our 'entrance to the underworld'. What a fantastic landscape! There's some amazing little coves and rock formations which will look stunning with all our mad ideas! It was also a lovely day out for the family, lets just hope it's not too cold in October!!
Anna x
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