Live Shows

Several people have asked me at recent shows why the gig listing is looking so quiet for this year. Well, there are a couple of reasons for this. 

I’ve been performing solo for a long time now, and with the level of composition, session work, lectures and other free lance things I do it’s becoming tricky to manage. While I enjoy the pleasures of being independent, no woman is an island. Especially not this one, and without outside help, this island is in danger of drowning or being over run (so, if you’re offering…). 

The second and probably most difficult reason is that shortly after finding out about the lump in October, I was attacked (in a swimming pool of all places…). While some of those in the know have gracefully described me as a an ‘Amazonian Warrior’ (thanks, I think??), I am only human, and the result is that I don’t feel as secure on stage, especially on an open stage. It’s a work in progress, and a work that’s being processed through something called EMDR, but I’m getting there. 

They’ll be odd shows, a few festivals here and there, but I’ll keep you all posted as things settle.

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