Democracy and the dark.

This morning when I woke up, the world was a little darker. Not because of the weather (typical 'English summer'), but because of the racism and hate we as a society have seen venomously thrown around by the press and politicians. To me, we have reached breaking point. The death of Labour MP Jo Cox was that unfortunate point. Words cannot describe the sadness felt by those of us who never knew her, or even knew who she was. Those of us who are also parents felt the pain of her children, the loss of a young mother but also someone who actually fought for the good. It was for that 'good' that she lost her life. 

I've expressed my embarrassment and shame at the rhetoric of this wretched EU Referendum many times. Personally in this interconnected world we live in, we as a country would be stupid to leave. But scratch the surface of any society and there lies the darkness. In our case the beast that many facist campaigners here in the UK have nurtured and reared has finally grown into an untameable force for evil.  


I have no tolerance for this dangerous idiocy. No amount of posting on social media will help stem this flow. Whatever your views on whether we should stay or leave, I ask you as a human being to give a little kindness and thought to others, those next door, down the street, at school/college etc. Come together and show unity in this fight. Come on UK, we are so much better than this.