Write & Record - songwriting workshop with 'Create Space'.


Last week I had the honour of being asked to co-lead a song writing workshop for 'Create Space' who specialise in creative workshops for children between 11-16. Jez (from Skyline, co-writer and recording partner in crime) and I had two days to work with eleven young people, with the second day being devoted to recording at Audio Beach Studios in Hove (see photo above, complete with Zoe's, creative director's, foot!). Out of those two days our three groups each wrote their own songs and recorded them to take home. I'm so impressed with what they came up  with, and the creative energy they approached the whole process with. They were all focused and really into making some great music. Made me proud to be a musician, and glad to be able to pass on some of my old age wisdom! ;) 


Anna NealeComment