Some of you have been asking what #widesky is about. It's the title of what will be my new album. Yes, new album! I have six new songs I'm currently working on with Jez Larder, and plan to pull together a collection of eight to ten tracks to release some time later next year. The album will be a progression from River Man, with a mixture of Indie, Pop, Folk, Alternative and some 'World' influences in there (including a possible guest appearance from one of my 90's heroes).

I'll be launching a Pledge Music/Kickstarter campaign towards the end of February when I have a few of the tracks in a more finalised format. In the mean time I need your help in creating a 'wide sky'. I'd love it if you could send me photos of what constitutes a 'wide sky' to you. This could be anything, from a sunset, to a city skyline to anything that inspires you when you're out walking etc. These will be collected and form part of the album artwork and photo book! 

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