Update on new materail!

Hi all,

I've been asked in a few radio interviews I've done lately, if or when the next lot of new materiel will be making an appearance.....I'm pleased to say that yes! There will be a new EP of four tracks (possibly five, depending on budget!) preliminarily titled 'Colour Me In' coming your way at the beginning of 2016. It's a bit of a slow long process, and I have no idea how I'm going to translate these songs live with an acoustic guitar as yet (loop pedal?) as the process has been quite different to anything I've done before! I've found myself glued to Bass! But I'm pleased with what's coming out so far, and in the interests of getting it absolutely right, and respecting the sound of the last album,  I'm not rushing it. Hence the long release date! I will be looking at releasing the first single 'Obsession' in the Autumn of this year, complete with video so hopefully that will wet your taste buds! :)

Now, to whittle down 17 tracks to 4 or 5 <gulp>......

Anna x