Festival of Ideas & Heffers Classics Festival

This November I have a couple of very exciting, and unusual, shows coming up. The first will be on the 1st November from 7.30pm at the Museum of Classical Archaeology at the University of Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. Museum curator Dr. Susanne Tuner and I will be delving into the murky ancient past through the medium of music and modern day songwriting. We'll be looking at the tensions between the modern and the ancient world in an intimate unplugged evening, complete with wine! You'll get to hear all of 'River Man' stripped back to it's original format and a little more about the songs and the inspiration behind them, including a new song! The event is free although ticketed, for more information and to book a place:


The second show will be on the 2nd November, 10am - 6pm at the Heffers Classics Festival also in Cambridge. Throughout the day I'll be performing songs from 'River Man' and doing my usual 'goddess' impression.....The festival features many prominent Classics experts including the lovely Mary Beard, David Stuttard (fab Roman at the British Museum gig back in May!) and Caroline Lawrence. I in my geek mode am ridiculously excited and looking forward to bringing some modern day musical interpretation to the field. Tickets are £30 and more information can be found here: