Boileroom, Museum of Classical Archaeology & CB2

The belated 'River Man' album launch was at The Boileroom in Guildford on the 19th. It was a fabulous night and a lot of fun. We were joined by the enigmatic Nick Tann, local band Reed Maxfield who took over with some great energy and the rather lush Union Starr. I'm still singing 'This is the Time' and was reveling in the 90's sound with my pint of cider by the end of the night (and I didn't need to be helped out the venue, bonus these days!). The audience were great and we very much appreciated their efforts at the Latin sing along in our 'dodgy cover', Guildford you've been the best at that so far! Thanks to Tomodo for the photos.

This Friday the band and I headed up to Cambridge for a very special performance at the Museum of Classical Archeology, part of Cambridge University. A spectacular setting surrounded by all those Greek/Roman casts, I felt right at home, once I'd got past the nerves (yes, nerves, haven't had those for a good few years now!). We were joined by the lovely Mary Beard, Professor of Classics, who gave an insightful and engaging talk on Roman life and women in Roman society. She expanded beautifully on the meaning of the songs (Mary, you're welcome to pick up a tambourine and join in any day, you'd make a great 'rock chick', especially with those shoes.....I was quite jealous of those......).

After a pre-record for Cambridge 105fm, the evening saw a stripped down performance at CB2 for Night of the Artisans. Due to the constraints of the venue it was just Adam, Ed and myself, but we had a great time playing around with the arrangements of the songs and vamping things up a bit (amazing what a bit of wine does.....). We were lucky enough to meet the very talented Gideon Conn who gave me one of my favorite gifts so far, a rather stunning black and white drawing of me on stage. One to go on the wall of the new house.

This Friday I'll be performing at Rhythm on the River in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, followed by The British Museum!!

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