River Man Video Part 2

Well, it was certainly cold (according to the headline on the Express that day the 'Coldest Winter Freeze of the Year') but we survived five hours fully exposed to the northerly wind making our transition to the underworld scene pretty dramatic. I'm very glad I invested in several pairs of thermals! It was all well worth it though, we have some stunning footage that just wouldn't look the same on a warm(ish, this is the UK) day.

A huge thank you to Henry and Rae Coleman from Flickerhead films, Sheena Holliday, Hannah at the Kent Film Office, Sharon Kelly at Thanet Council, Shinade Sutherland, Paul Henry who also froze to death with me on Botany Bay beach as our ferryman (looking very eerie there!), Iain at the Fayreness Hotel for allowing us to take over part of the bar to warm up and Jenny, our 'landlady' for the weekend.