An inspirational meeting......

Hi all,

I thought I'd share this with you about the recording session with Jali Fily Cissokho last week. It was a wonderful and inspirational experience and I can't wait for you to hear the tracks we've worked on together! A huge thank you to Fily and his manager Chris for taking the time to be part of these recordings. There should, fingers crossed, be some live shows coming up together mid 2012. :)

Anna x

Thanks to Anna and Jezz skyline studios. An inspirational meeting. I listened to Fily working on Anna's tracks in Oxford. He had changed to the traditional tuning Tomora and Silaba.. Afterwards he played and sang a beautiful track FILY SUSSO YA DE YA DE KA that he had composed as a small boy age 6 whilst jamming with his family. "I haven't played this track for years. Anna has taken me back to when I was a small boy in Senegal" Fily said. "I was surprised to hear it being played on the local radio one day in Casamance. Apparently my Uncle had had seen me singing and dancing to my new composition and loved it so much that he had gone to record it at our local radio station. The track was very popular. Uncle playing it on the kora at localceremonies. On one occasion he called me to come and dance and sing the track with him. I was very happy at this young age as the local people gave me money for my performance! I'm working on a new traditional CD and it's as if this track is saying don't leave me. I think I will now claim the track back and work on it again.." The recording session also inspired me to play Kelefaba . My first traditional melody and song that my father the late Jali Kemo Cissokho taught me to play. It seemed to fuse perfectly with Anna's western compostion." We are looking forward to 2012 with great thanks to Anna and her beautiful compositions~ More cultural exchange to come! Chris Lord