The Modern Day Cost of Music

Back in 2005/2006, I was pretty up with all the MySpaces and the-then new Facebooks, now I struggle to get around to updating 140 characters on Twitter! I do, however, try to make the time to read what is going on in the world of Twitter. It's a stream of international consciousness, which once you get your head around it, is pretty fascinating for a songwriter. It's also, in my opinion, one of the most important sources of information for an independent/DIY artist.

During my morning 'pilgrimage' to Twitterland I've discovered quite a few blogs by other artists and even national newspapers about the real cost of being a DIY artist. Of course any record company knows the real cost of nurturing an artist and releasing an album, it's why they often don't anymore! The thing that I found most interesting is that these artists are now willing to disclose what it truly costs us to make music.

I've found it really refreshing to read that others are in the same boat and that they're willing to be so honest. There was a time when you wouldn't dare reveal what your sales figures were, unless they were amazing (a feat only usually achieved with a PR company on board). In this day and age when the humble CD and even MP3s are slipping further away from being an essential part of daily life for the masses, recorded music is making less and less impact. The biggest selling artist of 2011 is currently Adele, and she hasn't sold anywhere near the same amount as Leona Lewis' second single did in 2007.

In a way that's sad, but it's always been difficult to make money from music (look at Mozart). Becoming rich and famous is only a recent phenomenon and is something I think we should all remember. I love creating music and playing with new ideas. The recording studio will always be my second home. It costs me a fortune but it's been a sacrifice I'm always been willing to make. If one person out there is willing to listen to my next mad idea and like it, well then it's worth all the hard work. Even if music now is "more like a scented candle"
(Jarvis Cocker - Guardian,
there are still those out there who value music and the art of songwriting. I personally am still fascinated by the art of songwriting.

If you'd like to follow in my footsteps these last couple of days this blog by 'DIY' artist 'She Makes War' is one that I've found particularly enlightening and informative.