December lurgy & a new album

Hi everyone,

December's been a bit of a nightmare recently with gig cancellations due to an on going bout of severe tonsillitis which has been 'keeping me company' since the end of November. Apologies to any of you who have made it to any of the last two London shows. I am now resting (as much as you can with a two year old!) in the hope of clearing it up for the excellent new music night starting in Weybridge on the 23rd December.

I do however have some good news in the shape of a new album! Ever since I've come back from the south of Italy I've felt re-inspired to write and have collected what I think is some of my best material to date. The album will have an ancient world/Roman theme seeing as the source of my inspiration lay in visiting such amazing sites as Pompeii, Stabia and Herculaneum. We have already confirmed the photo shoot in a very special location and I'm currently arranging the new songs while of course writing new ones when the spirit moves me! I'll have a Pledge Music campaign up and running in the new year which will help with the recording costs and have ideas of how you can all be a part of this new project. If you're as excited as am and can't wait for any more details then please feel free to join the mailing list where they'll be more news to follow and some exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Anna x