R2 Rock 'n' Reel Magazine Review

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Here's a rather fab review from R" Rock 'n' Reel Magazine, in stores now! Thanks to Trevor for this:


Hailing from deepest Surrey, Anna Neale’s songs reflect the suburban/rural contradiction of her surroundings. The music treads the fine line between a rootsy palette and sophisticated acoustic pop. Driven forward by Neale’s equally powerful voice and acoustic guitar rhythms the title track sounds direct and stripped back yet still luxuriates in a rich bed of electric guitar and vocal harmonies. On ‘Keep Coming Again’ the acoustic opening - restricted to vocals, guitar and djembe - perfectly reflects the confessional nature of the lyrics. However, imperceptibly the arrangements broaden out to provide richer, darker textures. Lovely.

Honing her craft over the years at acoustic clubs, singing lead female vocals in “The Commitments” touring band and playing summer festivals, the quality of the singing, songwriting and arrangement is assured. The sound itself is warmly summery too. Instantly likeable, it subtly wheedles its way into your subconscious - a reflection of Neale’s concentration on strong melody and attractive harmonies. ‘Waterloo Bridge’ may not reach the heady heights of The Kinks’ paean to the station but it still tugs a heartstring as the singer strolls the South Bank musing on lost love. A great collection of tunes with an open and honest heart.

Trevor Raggatt

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