First review of the new album from 'The Mag'!

Touch LP
Half Full Glass Records
Monday 7th of December 2009
Record Review
By Steve

Set for release in February 2010, Touch is the first full length album from Anna Neale. Since we first heard from Anna, back in 2006, she has developed her sound into a more smooth pop style.
The songs on this record are predominantly acoustic, with the voice taking centre stage. The lyrics are observational and the polished performances come across very well.
Raked harmonics introduce the title track, which is a smouldering introduction to the album.
'Waterloo Bridge' and 'January' are highlights on this record. The first for the rolling rhythm and great chorus and the second for a fantastic melody.
A late surprise on the album is 'Tired of Holding On', with some great flickers of electric guitar and powerful chorus.
All of the songs mix that smooth pop with plenty of soul and that makes this album very accessible.
If one thing could be added to this record, it would be some "full band" backing to some of these tracks. They really would sound great with the complete sound and it would add another dimension to the record.
On this record, Anna's voice is so good that it's easy to overlook the fact that Anna Neale is actually a very talented guitarist too.

We rated this record 4 out of 5.
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