What’s new pussycat?

So, it’s been a quite one on here, not so quiet in the real world!

The summer passed by in a whirl of various industry parties including Netflix, PPL, The Ivors Academy and Labours Creative Industries (where I accosted Sir Lenny Henry)!

In the meantime I’ve started lecturing at BIMM in Brighton as well continuing my work at CMAT at the University of Kent aaannnnndddd, I’m now officially a student again! For the next five years (argh!) I’ll be working on my PhD in Music. Great license to indulge in the giant inflatable ball pit in the Students Union. 👍

On another note you’ll be pleased to hear that I have two new songs in the making, almost ready for release at the end of this year, and beginning of next. I’m really excited for these new singles. First of which will be a track called ‘Anarchy’ released beginning of November. Rather proud of these as they’ve both been written and produced in my new home studio! Can’t wait for you to hear them.

I know some of you are also probably wondering what’s happened to the ‘Wide Sky // Songwriting Sessions’. I plan to start resuming these at the beginning of October, as well start posting new ‘behind the scenes video’ on the new songs on my Your Tube channel.

In the meantime keep talking to me over the socials, loving the banter!

Anna x

Anna Neale