Songwriting Studies


Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the launch for the new songwriting research network, ‘Songwriting Studies’ at Birmingham City University. This was a great opportunity to mix and discuss research in songwriting and elements of creative and industry practise.

Led by Dr. Simon Barber there was a great mix of talks and panels on the reality of songwriting, inspiration, as well as presentations on creativity (led by Philip McIntyre), ideas and experiences of working as a songwriter in todays industry (portfolio careers! Hurrah!).

The day included an interview with KT Tunstall for the Sodajerker Podcast (I never knew this existed…shame on me!).

It was such an innovative and inspiring day, and such a refreshing take on the beauty and craft of songwriting (which lets face it, is why we all do it). Thank you to everyone I met and to everyone who presented.


Anna NealeComment