Tunes In The Chapel has been moved!

As some of you may be aware from the various social feeds, I had to go in for rather a big operation on Tuesday (out of action for a couple of weeks, then I'll be fighting fit again!). With this and few other things in mind such as the long summer holidays, I've decided to move 'Tunes In The Chapel' to a more appropriate time...the day of my album release! Well, why not? Close to Christmas, nice, dark and earthy feeling... perfect for a candlelit acoustic extravagance, and a great time to celebrate the place where a lot of the new album was written, i.e.: home. Ticket links are the same, it's still the same great line up, however we'll be joined by some of the Syrian and Iraqi musicians who are performing on Wide Sky so it really will be a once in a life time celebration of music. I'd love it if you could come and join us! Anna x


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