Wide Sky, Quotes So Far...

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This time last week 'Wide Sky' was released through Pledge Music a month before the official release on 23rd March. All pledgers and contributors received a digital download. I've received so much love for this album so far, I thought I'd share some of the best quotes so far:

"Her new album #WideSky is truly incredible; a coming of age, a career-defining work ... a masterpiece. Buy it." Dan Chisholm, BBC Broadcaster

"Fortunate enough to have listened to the final masters of the album. Without a doubt it’s @annanealemusic’s finest album. All the bloody hard work she’s put into it has produced something rather epic." Ian Sadler, Pledge Music

"...had it on repeat ever since! Absolutely awesome work Anna! Great song writing, your vocals are amazing and love the production and performances throughout. MORE!" Mick Flight, Pledge Music

"Wow Anna, it's fabulous! Thank you. I'm quite emotional listening to it on the way home from Iolanthe tonight." Claire Mitcher, ENO Chrous 

"I'm listening again now. It reminds me how I felt the very first time I heard 'Dark Side of the Moon' by Pink Floyd. Like then, I feel this is a very special piece of work. Many congratulations." Dan Chisholm, BBC Broadcaster

Thank you all so much, it honestly makes creating projects like this worth while! I've felt quite choked so far!

Anna x

Less than 12hrs to go!

12hrs left if you want to get your hands on the #newalbum #widesky before everyone else! #Download goes #live 8am tomorrow morning for #pledgers & #collaborators after reaching 346% of the target!

Thank you all so much for your support with making this album. And thank you to everyone involved! The project will close once the downloads released so hurry! 


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Live Shows

Several people have asked me at recent shows why the gig listing is looking so quiet for this year. Well, there are a couple of reasons for this. 

I’ve been performing solo for a long time now, and with the level of composition, session work, lectures and other free lance things I do it’s becoming tricky to manage. While I enjoy the pleasures of being independent, no woman is an island. Especially not this one, and without outside help, this island is in danger of drowning or being over run (so, if you’re offering…). 

The second and probably most difficult reason is that shortly after finding out about the lump in October, I was attacked (in a swimming pool of all places…). While some of those in the know have gracefully described me as a an ‘Amazonian Warrior’ (thanks, I think??), I am only human, and the result is that I don’t feel as secure on stage, especially on an open stage. It’s a work in progress, and a work that’s being processed through something called EMDR, but I’m getting there. 

They’ll be odd shows, a few festivals here and there, but I’ll keep you all posted as things settle.

Evolution - Official Video

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 09.47.46.png

The official video for Evolution is now live! Filmed at The Historic Dockyard Chatham (scene of Sherlock Holmes, Call the Midwife and various movies!) and the Centre for Music & Audio Technology at the University of Kent with Flickerhead Films, edited by Skooch Media. 


Please do like and share. An awful lot of work went into the song and filming, and I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved! I hope you enjoy! :)

24hrs to go!

Less than 24hrs until the #Evolution #video #release! Here are some special  #behindthescenes #photos to celebrate on location at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, and the Centre for Music and Audio Technology at the University Of Kent! The video goes live at 8am on my You Tube channel here: YouTube.com/annaneale 

With thanks to The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Centre for Music and Audio Technology / School of Music and Fine Art, University Of Kent, Flickhead Films, Skooch Media, and the wonderful extras; Sue Lovell, Tim Francis, Marcus Gibson, Ian Sadler and Rami Mheri. 

Anna x

Evolution - That’s a wrap!


I spent today at The Historic Dockyard in Chatham with Flickerhead Films, shooting the music video for new single Evolution! What an amazing location!

Six hours straight filming, we have some stunning footage! Thank you so much to everyone, especially Nigel, at The Historic Dockyard and the staff and students at the Centre for Music and Audio Technology at the University of Kent for allowing us access and looking after us! And of course a very special thank you to our extras and those who helped out! Couldn’t have done it without you!

I can’t wait for you to see the results! 

Anna x

Mixing, The Final Frontier

I'm very pleased to announce that Jez and I are on the final stages of mixing the album! We've just completed day 2 at Skyline Studios over in Ashford (Middlesex), and are back in again tomorrow working on new song 'Afraid Of The Dark', as well as tweaking the existing songs. It's so close now! 

The final mixing day will be 23rd January, with the mastering booked in with Dave at Hilton Grove for 26th January. I can't believe we're finally nearly there! It's sounding absolutely wonderful, especially the beautiful voices of the ENO Chorus (I might have had a little cry...). 

Thank you all so much for your support through what has been a very challenging 2017. With the new album, the video for Evolution planned at The Historic Dockyard in Chatham on the 11th, and the headline show at the Cranleigh Arts Theatre on the 12th (as well as the single release!), January is shaping up very nicely. Long may it continue!

Happy New Year everyone!

Anna x

Performers Alliance Reception with the Musicians Union


Another year, another APPG Performers Alliance Parliamentary Reception! I love this event, simply for it’s laid back melting pot of great minds. I’ve met so many wonderful people, including the ENO, this year was no exception. It’s also cheering to see the three main artistic unions, the Musicians Union (who I’m very proud to be a member of), Equity and The Writers Guild of Great Britain in full force in what is a particularly difficult and challenging time for the Arts in the UK. There were even one or two MP’s who weren’t bad...

Thank you everyone for a great night! 

Anna x