New music & River Man changes

Hi folks,

Now that the gig season is calming down I thought it might be time to give you an update on 'camp Neale'.

I've had a lot of people ask me at recent gigs about new recordings. I am planning, at some point, to release an EP. However the demands of two little ones, ill health, a PhD proposal, general teaching and gigging have rather put the brakes on my creativity at the moment, and while I am writing slowly, I've only come up with one or two songs which I feel will match or bring anything to what I've already done with 'River Man'. I'm hoping to stretch my creative wings a bit by doing some co writing and working on projects completely different from what I do.  I guess what I'm saying here is bare with me.....

On another important note, you may notice that the sound of the title track of 'River Man' changes slightly over the next week or so. The song as it stands uses a three second sample of 'The Dreaming' by Kate Bush, and while Jez and I did look into getting clearance for the track at the time in 2012, we weren't able to identify who it was we were meant to speak to (thanks to some misadvise on the phone from EMI publishing at the time.). Thanks to some now well placed friends in the industry I've manged to email and submit the relevant forms but there are some pretty heftily restrictions in place IF we get clearance. I really don't want to annoy or upset anyone here so the sample has been removed. The track and album are currently being remastered by the wonderful Dave Blackman. The change isn't that noticeable but for my piece of mind, it's worth it. I hope you all still enjoy it and it's meaning the same.

Anna x