Festival of Idea, Heffers & River Man book

Wow! What a fabulous couple of days! Absolutely brilliant gig at the musuem of classical archeology for the Festival of Ideas. Really interesting and insightful evening, I loved being able to get into the nitty gritty of each song, and it was so wonderful to be so well received. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, and to Susanne for being my host and organising the event (and to Jenny!).

Some of you were asking where you can buy the accompanying River Man book from. The link is here, you can also download it from the iTunes Store (Anna Neale - River Man) 


A huge thank you also to Heffers for inviting me to play at their brilliant classics festival today. What an event, such lovely people and a great reception. Thank you to all who watched, and bought the album! I hope you enjoy it! 

Anna x