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Album Review: Anna Neale - River Man

Anna Neale

River Man is the latest album from Anna Neale, the album is based on a Italian theme inspired by the people who lived in and by the ancient city of Pompeii, Anna’s writing reflects the experiences of those who lived in the town and manages to combine a contemporary lyric with a more traditional rhyme.  The album is a mix of laid back melodies interspersed  by some notable rousing  tracks such as “Fire”, which builds from it’s initial gentle intro to a memorable “stick in your mind” chorus lyric, while Hungry ghosts paints a picture of times gone by and people who are no more.

Anna, a singer songwriter has a voice that compliments her musical style which makes for a pleasant listening experience, however, don’t be fooled by Anna’s quiet reflective tones when the time is right and the occasion requires it, she is able to summon up a more powerful side to her voice which remains both clear and concise and an overall accomplished sound.   There are a few surprises on this album, one track for instance features a haunting introduction taken form an Islamic prayer while in other tracks you will find Anna is accompanied by some notable musicians from bands such as Procol Harum amongst others.   All this makes for an album that is both easy to listen to and inspiring, ideal if you want to relax and unwind after a hard day or just want to indulge yourself for a while with some fine original musical talent.
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