Album update

Morning all,

After a five month break, this week sees a return to recording and finally finishing the new album! Jez and I hope to get all the recording side of things completed by the end of January, before I get incarcerated in a certain Guildford hospital for the rest of this pregnancy from hell!

As you know things have been very difficult, and I won't bore you with all the many and varied complications, but I've managed to get some of the sickess under control. Sadly though I'm still not well enough to get back on stage yet. On a postive note I'm very pleased to announce that as well as Patch from The Sundays, we have a couple more special guests 'guesting' on the album. I'm very excited and will reveal all once everything is confirmed. Fingers crossed I can get through this last bit!

After the recording is finished Jez will be locking himself away and mixing everything while I have this baby! Plans are then to go to mastering, once we've lived with the mixes for a bit, and then, a video for the title track 'River Man', providing all is well! :)

It's been a long journey so far but one that will be well worth it in the end, the recordings are my best to date, as is the concept and artwork. I'm truly proud of everything we've achieved so far and couldn't have done it without yours, the musicians, family and friends support. Roll on September 2012!

Anna x