Anna Neale is.......

In the studio! Yes, we're on day 2 at Skyline Studios, recording the songs for the new album 'Eunomia'!
The last week we've been in rehearsals working out arrangements and bouncing idea around under a bridge at Waterloo station. So far we've come up with some great stuff which I'm really excited about!
It's feel a bit like we're climbing a mountain at the moment studio wise but it's all positive so far. Adam's in today laying down more drum tracks for us. Pete was in yesterday doing one or two drums tracks, and I'm drinking lots of green tea and eating far too much sugar to keep my brain going (and corrupting Jez into helping me with the sweets!). Tomorrow will be more of the same, and I might even sneak in a moment to visit the new, super guitar warehouse in Epsom........ ;)
Anna x