Splashing about - Photoshoot in Bath

We had a fabulous shoot at the Roman Baths yesterday in Bath. The staff who supervised us (Vicky & Barbra, I should also say a special thank you the lady who looked after us after the shoot and lent me her coat!!) were fantastic and let us stretch our artistic wings to the limit! All being well we should have some stunning photos for you all! I have to say it was very surreal and quite humbling walking around the Roman complex in full Roman dress by myself, in the dark, with steam swirling all around! There was a video being played on one of the walls of actors in Roman 'towels' splashing around which did slightly unnerve me at one point before I realised what it was!! Anyhow, I've included a couple of pictures of the Bath that I took while we were packing up so you can get an idea of what it was like, it was very ethereal!!
Anna x