New album update

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd let you know what's happening this year in terms of the new album!Despite being a little quiet online I've been very busy behind the scenes co-ordinating things. I have a great batch of new songs and am still writing. It's turning out to be a very interesting collection of songs and quite an ambitious project!

As you know the album is based on 'Roman antiquity for the modern world', and is inspired and set in and around the Pompeii area. That's not to say this will be an historical album as such, more that I'm taking the lives and examples from 2000 years ago and comparing them to us now (with a bit of artistic license!). In 2000 years not much has changed! We all still have the same hopes and fears, the same questions, and experience love in similar ways. Of course there will be songs on other themes such as experiences and the usual 'boy meets girl' just to break things up (or as one friend put it " "boy meets girl...volcano erupts over them...found 2000 years later in a final embrace"). ;) I'll be previewing new songs at various shows I have coming up and on my Justin TV channel.

In February I have a photo shoot at the wonderful Roman Baths in Bath (the budget wouldn't quite stretch to southern Italy!), Bath & Somerset council have been wonderful in allowing us to use this location. I'm currently having the dress made for me to re-create an image found at Stabia. So far it's all looking really good and as you know I love dressing up in period costume (Bad Romance......what have I started??!!)!!

I'll also be launching a Pledge Music campaign in February to help with recording costs. As you know recording an album can be pretty expensive and I'd really like to have you all involved and to be part of it. They'll be exclusive footage, blogs, scrapbooks, photos, gig opportunities, and various other goodies on offer. It will also be a chance for you to 'own' part of the album and see your name in print!

More details to follow, time for a cup of tea now!

Anna x